Reasons to Leave From Work Early

EX1There are days when you just do not feel like sitting at your office desk for eight hours in the day. You may have woken up on time, got ready and even driven yourself through rush-hour traffic to reach the workplace, but you cannot wait to leave it. So, you keep thinking of the reasons you could possibly cite to take off from work early. Here are some handy excuses which can help you leave work early:

  • One of the easiest ways to get off from work early is to use a dentist’s appointment to skip work. Everyone knows that tooth pain is the hardest to deal with and an employee cannot be made to work when he is suffering from it. You should ideally create a situation which makes this excuse believable by feigning it in advance. You need to make it clear that the appointment that you have made is on an emergency basis with a dentist who is extremely busy. So, there is no way to defer the appointment for a later date.
  • Another easy-to-use excuse is pretending to be ill to take off from work. This works the best when you say it is an infectious illness like the flu. The employer will not want to risk health of the others at the workplace, including himself. Saying that you are suffering from acute stomach pain or diarrhea is another good way to skip work.
  • You could also say that you have guests arriving early to take leave from work early. You could say that the arrival was prescheduled because of unexpected weather conditions and that you need to be at the airport or station to receive them as a result.
  • Using death of some distant relative or ex-colleague is an easy excuse to leave work early. You could say that it is important for you to attend the funeral. This excuse is not recommended if you are not the kind of person who can live with lies.

  • You may take off from work saying that you must be at home as a special delivery which you had been waiting for months is supposed to arrive on that day.
  • A good way to skip work is to make excuses for personal problems. If you decide not to disclose the truth, others will abstain from asking you about it. In case the boss is too insistent, you can always say it is too personal to discuss with any other person.
  • Home emergencies are the best possible excuses to take off from work at any time. You can always say that your child has suddenly fallen ill at school and needs to be brought home immediately or that there is a water pipe leak in your house which must be handled without delay.
  • Taking off from work is possible if you can tell your boss that it is your cousin’s wedding or your best friend’s engagement. The employer may just let you take the day off to attend a special occasion like that.
  • Children are always your biggest saviors when it comes to EX2taking off early from office. Children will invariably get themselves into trouble from time to time and as parents, you cannot be expected to not act when something serious happens at school or even at home. For instance, you could easily say that your child has locked himself outside accidentally or has ingested a crayon and fallen sick. No one at the office is going to question you on these grounds. And, you can safely stay away from the workplace for as long as you wish to.
  • A migraine can get you out of the office in minutes; everyone knows how painful a migraine can be and no one will expect you to work normally under such conditions.
  • Blaming food or the weather for a sudden allergy can help you get out of office sooner than you can think. You could say that you ate something by mistake which you are allergic to and now you need to take medications at once to avoid a major catastrophe.
  • When you have a pet at home, it is easy to use his health as an excuse to take off from work early. You can say that you need to take him to the vet as there is no one else at home to do that. Those who are pet-owners know exactly how important this is and they will never doubt your credibility.
  • Finally, a great reason to stay away from the office is to use court summons as an excuse. This is one place where your employer cannot even force you to cancel or defer an appointment and attend work. This is an important civilian obligation and one that you cannot get exempted from unless you have a solid excuse, like a medical condition. Court summons can be therefore used to take off from work early.