How to Make Yourself Look Sick

MigraineDoes the very thought of staying at home to take a break from all your regular routine excite you? Well, you are not alone. There are innumerable people with such feelings as all they want is a break from their hectic work or academic life for a day or two. The solution here is to fake sickness by appearing sick. However, you should take all the precautions beforehand and do your homework right to ensure that you are not caught during the process. It can turn out to be dangerous especially if the school management or employers get to know the actual truth. Employees may even lose their jobs and hence you should use the right tactics to avoid such extreme outcomes. You can also use a fake doctors note for sick leaves to escape from queries from your higher authorities.

Although there are series of illnesses that one can fake, but the common ones may include cough, fever, loss of appetite, migraine, and so on. A fever can be a good excuse especially when there is loads of work the next morning and you don’t want to be a part of it. Some of the easy steps to make you look sick have been discussed below. These tips will certainly help to achieve your objective of missing work or school.

  • Migraine

The simplest thing to fake is a migraine as there is no means of verifying your illness. It is only based on the symptoms and behavior that can prove that you are ill. When you use migraine as an excuse to abstain from something, you don’t have to put in much of efforts. The symptoms of migraine can be dizziness, loss of appetite and fever. You need not take any extreme step to prove this illness, but simply have a pale face and also inform your people that you are feeling dizzy from time to time. Eat very little as people with a migraine generally lose their appetite. This way, you can take some time off and relax or complete your personal work.

  • Cold or Flu

The common illness that most people suffer from and maximum cases of absenteeism is due to common cold or flu. Almost everyone is well versed with the signs and symptoms. You may have to fake sniffing, coughing and sneezing to make it look like it’s severe. Rub your nose constantly to turn it red so that others believe that you are down with illness. You can plan this one day ahead and show the symptoms to your boss or teacher. Avoid putting any makeup to work to make it look more genuine.

  • An Upset Stomach

This is another common problem faced by millions of people and if Sickit’s a case of diarrhea, attending work or school is highly impossible. In such cases, a person gets weaker and needs ample rest. So, this can be a good excuse to miss work as you can simply call your employer and inform the same. When you join back work after a day or two, you can produce a note from the doctor stating your illness. There are many online sites that offer such notes. While informing your boss, you should lower your voice and sound embarrassed. Also, show the feeling of helplessness of not being able to attend work. In such cases, you will be advised to stay at home and take plenty of rest by a teacher or a boss.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is effective on teachers and employers as this type of syndrome also known as IBS is a chronic condition of stomach that is quite common. Some of the common symptoms include cramps, adnominal pain, bloating, colic and bouts of diarrhea and constipation. This is a chronic condition and hence should be used carefully. The best way to make this work is to plan it well ahead and pretend that you are having cramps and unable to focus on work or academics. Ensure that your boss is noticing your symptoms so that when you call in sick the next morning, he or she won’t be surprised.

  • Dental Problem

Tooth ache is highly common and anybody regardless of the age can be a victim of dental problems. Such problems when not treated in time can lead to serious dental issues. This is yet another illness that can be faked to miss work. Avoid eating much at work and inform your colleagues about your tooth ache to simplify the overall process. It should not come to your boss as a surprise and hence pretending that your tooth is aching 24 hours before time at the workplace will definitely help to achieve your goals.

Thus, these are some of the common illnesses that can make you look sick at workplace or school. However, be extra cautious and avoid using them on a regular basis as bunking office or school frequently will get you nowhere. Hence, only when you are too stressed and feel the need of a break, you can make yourself look sick.