Fake Doctors Note Generator – Get Doctors Note Online

A doctor’s note is a document furnished by a practicing doctor that will serve as an essential proof that you have visited a doctor in person. This document is provided by the attending doctor to his or her patient when visiting in person. The doctor issues a note only upon thorough diagnosis when you make a visit to his or her clinic for treating the illness. The doctor’s note summarizes the type of illness, other conditions, diagnosis and the treatment given.

Components of doctors note

A doctor’s note should contain the following elements necessarily:

  • A clear logo displaying authentic look
  • Clinic address
  • Contact details like phone number, email id
  • Date and time of document generated
  • Patient’s name
  • Reason for consultation
  • Medical certificate after consultation

Fake doctors notes

These are documents that exactly replicate the real doctor’s note in all aspects. They are generated ones and not issued by the original doctor. They are sold online by some traders who excel in providing fake doctors notes that almost resemble the real doctors notes. These notes use high end graphics and information that can be verified over the phone. These notes are downloaded by people for various purposes where the attachment of a doctor’s note is necessary.

Benefits of using generated fake doctors notes

  • A fake doctor’s note can serve as a real savior at the time of unexplainable exigencies. They are mostly used as proof in the workplace or schools that demand a doctor’s note against leave of absence. The employees or children may have to attend a family event where they have to take leave from work or school. There are also circumstances where you are asked to serve jury duty which you are unable to attend. Fake doctors notes can be used as proof to be excused from work or school or court.
  • If you are returning to work after a brief period of absence it is essential that you submit a doctor’s note to resume the work. It is a legit proof to use against your leave of absence. If your quota of sick leave is unused, you can make use of a fake doctor’s note and get your sick leave paid. Your employer cannot go against what is mentioned in the doctor’s note and if he insists for attendance then he or she will be liable for any complications that arise in the workplace.
  • In case you are a disabled traveler who depends on an animal, specifically a pet dog for certain activities, you may have to give a doctor’s note proving your disability. This ensures that your pet is allowed to travel along with you in flight or stay in the hotel room.
  • If you are tied up with some other business work at the time of your jury duty scheduled date, you can make use of a doctor’s note to be excused from attending the court.
  • Fake doctors notes can be used for any of your personal commitments like for meeting your lawyer for a legal consultation, completing some work pending at your bank and accomplishing any other personal tasks that were pending for a long time.

Quality of notes

It is imperative that you download only quality fake doctors notes among the lots that are available in the market. It is not wise to rely on notes that are offered for free of cost as they will be mostly substandard ones. Some traders sell fake doctors notes that are generated by software rather than creating them by hand. However, the safety is not guaranteed when using such software generated doctors notes because they may not resemble the real ones in many aspects. Moreover, the doctor’s note has to be signed in a sloppy handwriting which the software cannot do perfectly. The software generated signature may not look real proving it to be a fake one. Therefore, it is recommended to go for mostly handmade notes rather than software generated.  There are also risks involved when using fake doctors note generators like you may have to quit work or school.

Considering the risks involved, it is always best to get a doctor’s note from paid online sites. The paid sites have a good track record and testimonials that vouch for their performance. Some sites also give money back guarantee against dissatisfaction.


Users can opt for fake doctors notes generated online on rare occasions but not make it a frequent practice. If you are caught for forging documents, you will be asked to leave the job and finding a new job is also difficult with such a remark. Even the unemployment compensation is less likely to be sanctioned if you are sent out of the office for a fraudulent act. It is also wise not to repeat the same type of notes for several situations or reasons.