How To Fake The Flu

If you want to miss work or school, the only convincing reason you can give to your boss is you are suffering from flu. How you can convince him when you are really not afflicted with flu? You can fake the flu by following certain tips that guide you to imitate the real symptoms of flu. You can fake the flue through many ways. Let us see some of the convincing methods of faking flu.

Start your acting a day in advance

Flu generally shows some symptoms before it completely takes over you. Keep sneezing and blowing your nose couple of times which will deliver a feeling to people around you that you are not fit today. So, when you report next day that you are sick it does not surprise your colleagues or boss.

Recollect past experience

You would have certainly fallen ill many a times earlier. Try to recollect the symptoms you had earlier and how you suffered with the tormenting flu. Make yourself familiar with the symptoms first and try to replicate the same at the workplace. Convincing the people is easier when you replicate the symptoms of your earlier sickness that they are familiar with.

Common symptoms

The common symptoms of flu include pale face, sweaty palms, lightheadedness or uneasiness, sluggishness and continuous sneezing. Let us see how to mimic these symptoms.

Pale face: If you regularly wear makeup, then you can make use of your makeup tools conveniently to show up a pale face. Use the light green color concealer and rub it on your cheeks. Smear it slightly on your face instead of painting it heavily. Ensure that no one touches your cheek as there are chances of the makeup revealing.

Sweaty palms: Any kind of flu, especially stomach flu makes your hands sweat a lot. There are many ways to show up sweaty hands. However, if you want an instant result or keep mimicking the same, you can lick your hands. If you want to make your face sweat, you can steam or use heating pads on face. You can also cover your face and body with blankets that make you sweat a lot.

Lightheadedness: Walk slowly or take steps by dragging your legs. When you get up from bed or chair, get up slowly. When you stand, pretend as if you are losing balance and catch hold of wall or table for balance.

Sluggishness: Show up yourself sluggish by lying in bed for longer time. Pretend as if you are weak and could not gain strength to get up. Try to get up to walk a few distance and curl up to a catch pretending to be unable to walk. You can also shiver in the bed to show that you are fully affected.

Sneezing: You can sneeze by sniffing irritating ingredients like pepper but this is not advisable for more than one or two times. You can insert a fine cotton thread inside the nostrils that trigger a sneeze. You can also make your eyes watery by applying cold balms or toothpaste below the eyelids that irritate your tear glands.

These are the symptoms you can easily fake a home.

How to sound sick over phone?

Now that you have decided to fake flu to miss work, next step is to inform your boss about it. When you use phone to inform, ensure that you voice sound different. Talk slowly and pause in between a few words. Take your time to answer the query from the other hand as your down with flu. Slightly pant over the phone so that it is heard on the other side. This might make your boss think that your nose is stuffed. Explain to him that you are coughing and sneezing continuously. You can keep the receiver at a distance to cough or sneeze and ask for apology.

All the above symptoms are very common in flu and methods suggested to fake them are mostly workable.