Pregnancy Fake Doctors Note – Download Now

Pregnancy doctor’s notes are very helpful for women employees when they need to take a break from work. On the other hand, most of the women employees are fired at their workplace because they are pregnant. Some employers are of the opinion that women cannot do their job well if they are in the pregnancy stage. According to the Pregnancy discrimination act, women employees cannot be discriminated because they are pregnant or likely to get pregnant in the future. As per the act, it is unlawful that you do not hire a pregnant woman for a job. As many things are favorable for a pregnant woman at the workplace, the women employees can make best use of the pregnancy doctors note and avail leave of absence at the workplace.

What are pregnancy doctors notes?

Pregnancy doctors notes are documents issued by your gynecologist for various conditions that develop during the pregnancy. Though women develop common health conditions during the pregnancy, not all the pregnant women exhibit the same type of symptoms. Some of the common health conditions and problems that develop during the pregnancy include gestational diabetes, depression, anxiety, iron deficiency, infections, fetal problems, high blood pressure and sometimes even miscarriages. Apart from the health conditions, pregnant women also suffer various discomforts such as morning sickness, backache, skin changes, bladder and bowel issues, cramps, varicose veins, fatigue, headache, indigestion, genital problems, etc.

A gynecologist has to supervise all these conditions and problems in a pregnant woman and treat her with appropriate medicines. The gynecologist will make a mention of the condition in the gynecologist note for whatever reason the patient keeps reporting during the pregnancy period.

Possibilities of leave of absence for pregnant women

As per the pregnancy discrimination act, employer cannot force a pregnant woman to take leave as long as she performs her duties properly. On the other hand, the employer has to provide the necessary accommodations as per PDA in order for the pregnant employee to perform at her best to deliver the results. If an employee is unable to report to work due to pregnancy related conditions and recovers after a while, the employer cannot ask her to take leave till the child’s birth. The employer also cannot restrict the employee from returning to work after the child’s birth.

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the employee can utilize the unpaid leave up to 12 weeks for any health conditions that arise due to pregnancy like appointments with doctor for prenatal medical checkups, morning sickness, childbirth and other pregnancy related conditions. Besides, laws of the state can grant additional leave or help people who are not covered under FMLA. Some companies also provide paid leave based on the conditions.

How can women employees make use of pregnancy doctor’s notes?

Women employees can benefit in many ways using pregnancy doctor’s notes. They are helpful in availing short as well as long leave of absence based on the medical conditions they develop and doctor’s advice. Right from the initial stage of pregnancy till about child’s birth, women employees can go on leave several times using the pregnancy doctors notes without any questions being asked by the employer.

What are the accommodations that pregnant women employees can avail?

Women can work at a place closer to the restroom as they are prone to vomiting in the initial stage of pregnancy and the employer has to accommodate this need. The employer has to provide a resting area to relax during intervals. The employee should be able to access the refrigerator or canteen for food. The employee may need to work at a place where the lighting is adjustable and also the noise is less. If required the employee should be offered flexible timing to work or the working hours can be reduced or allowed to work from home based on the condition. If possible the workstation can be closely arranged near the parking area so that the strain is less.

To conclude, the pregnancy doctor’s notes benefit women employees in many ways and can recommend accommodations at the office.