How To Get A Doctors Note For Work Absence/Leave

If you are suffering from an illness or injury that requires you to take a break from work, you will have to submit a doctor’s note against your work absence. In some cases a verbal notice is sufficient but if you are taking a long break citing an illness, you will be asked to submit a doctor’s note for company’s record. Read below to learn how you can get a doctor’s note for work absence.

When to get doctor’s note?

Prior to taking leave always check with the work policies for leave of absence and availability of leave for taking doctor appointments. However, the work policies differ from company to company. You cannot expect the policies of your previous employer to prevail in the current employment too. If you are taking a planned medical leave, ensure that you inform it well in advance so that you are not pulled into any project that has the deadline fixed in your period of leave of absence. However, most of the companies ask for doctor’s note if the period of leave of absence is week longer. Therefore, you will have to check with HR department in your office or employee guidelines to know the work policies regarding doctor’s notes.

If you are not sure about the work polices or you have not checked them at your workplace, it is better you get the note signed by your doctor when you visit him. The doctors will not completely reveal the health condition without your permission but he can certainly provide the note with basic information such as patient’s name, date of visit, etc which stand as a proof to record your leave of absence. The note will also have a mention of length of absence and specific notes that may support your reasons when you return to work.

Doctors’ notes can also save you from company’s denial of any promotion or performance review. The US law has provisions to consider sickness and injuries based on the doctor’s note you obtain so that you do not lose your job or receive any black mark in your service.

Getting doctor’s note for an extended leave

If you are struck with an illness that will not let you work for a period of time, you have to get a doctor’s note signed validating the same to submit at your office. This note will ensure that you get all the necessary benefits that are listed under Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

If you are concerned about people knowing your health condition, it will not be revealed as the doctors usually do not mention it specifically. However, the doctor will be mentioning the dates of your treatments which inform that you will not be attending work on those days. You will have to know the work policies that relate to extended leave and also the FMLA guidelines.

Doctor’s note for disability

In case, you are injured badly and cannot travel to workplace, probably you will be allowed to rest for a few days in the beginning. When there is no policy or provision to extend your leave of absence further, you can avail disability accommodations at your work place upon doctor’s recommendation. Your doctor will be listing the requirements in a letter and address it your employer or on a company form. For this, it is not necessary that you need to reveal the kind of injury you suffered but the doctor will certainly mention the accommodations you will need at work. When you are availing disability accommodations at your workplace, it is suggested that go through the guidelines of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for further information.

Final words

There are also fake doctor’s excuse notes available which you can use only at the time of exigencies. Using them frequently is not advisable as you will be putting your job under a potential risk. This might mute your career if found guilty of submitting fake documents. So, always exercise care.