Emergency Excuse Ideas

EE1There are some employers who understand the extreme conditions of employees especially if it’s an emergency. The time off requested by employees easily gets granted by managers. But, there are others who are quite vigilant when it comes to granting leaves to workers. An emergency can crop up any moment and the outcomes cannot be realized unless one goes through it. One of the reasons for such excuses being rejected is due to its frequency. To ensure that employees are not missing work every now and then, employers don’t accept such emergency excuses so easily. It is also the duty of an employee to understand the current scenario at work as missing office can directly impact the business.

Hence, if you wish to obtain leaves from office using emergency excuses, you should be careful not to do so unless there is tremendous pressure at workplace. You can make the emergency excuses work if you choose the right timing and also ensure that it is not being done frequently. An emergency is basically an incident that takes place unexpectedly. It can be a family member’s illness, accidents, burglary, and so on. There are several ideas that can be used to miss work with the help of these brilliant emergency excuses discussed below.

Common emergency excuse ideas

  • Accident: One of the common excuses you can think of is an accident. Car accident is used mostly by several employees to stay away from work for a few days. The best way to avoid any problems and get your leave sanctioned is mentioning a car accident happened to your family member like a spouse or parents. When you choose the right relationship, there are higher chances of leave being sanctioned. You can inform your boss that your family member has met with an accident with serious injuries and will return to work after his or her recovery. This way, your leave will be sanctioned without any interrogation.
  • Death: This is yet another common situation that can take place anytime unexpectedly. The condition is better understood by employers if it’s a close relative. Employees will be allowed to take a break for some time to handle the situation and come back with a stable mind. However, this idea works effectively if your boss is informed about the situation and date of rejoining work. Your boss will be prepared beforehand about your absence and will find a suitable replacement for a temporary period.
  • Sickness: Faking sickness at workplace is a good idea EE2provided you know how to play your cards well. A migraine can be used to escape from work. You can act as if you are having a headache especially if you are planning to bunk office the next day. Tooth ache is another good excuse as dental pains are generally unbearable and immediate treatment or a strong painkiller is required for the pain to subside. You can also call in and inform your boss about your face being swollen due to tooth ache which can make you appear less presentable at work. This way your boss will not hesitate to sanction your leave.

  • Food Poisoning: When a stomach upset excuse such as food poisoning is used, it does work. This is a condition that can get worse if not treated immediately. It is important to consult a doctor and take proper medication to avoid further deterioration of your health. It is an emergency excuse that can be used by employees to miss work. To create less suspicion in the mind of your boss, you can text him or her late night instead of informing in the morning.
  • Daycare Problem: Most working parents are completely reliable on daycare centers to look after their child after school until they return home from office. There may be situation when a daycare is closed for some specific reason. This can be used as an excuse to miss work as the child cannot be left alone at home. At least one of the parents should take off from work to take care of the child. So, this does fall under the category of an emergency excuse that can help you take a break from work.

Thus, the above mentioned cases are some of the best ideas that can help you leave office easily or miss work for a day or two. These excuses can also be used if you need to leave office in between for some personal work. As mentioned earlier, it is better to inform your employer about the whole situation clearly and mention the time duration of your return to work. This way, you can protect your job and save your reputation at work in the long run. Employers appreciate it when their employees provide clarity in such matters. Also, it makes them feel that they are responsible as a worker. So, make use of these ideas tactfully without making it too frequent.