Good Excuse to Miss Work

ill_1809237bThere are days when you may not feel like attending office; it may be your best friend’s wedding or your wedding anniversary and you would give anything to spend the day with your loved ones. There may also be days when you feel too lethargic to get ready for the office; you could be feeling the pressures of meeting deadlines at work or overwhelmed by official duties. In such situations, taking a break may help you rejuvenate yourself. It may give you the time and rest you need to recover from the stresses and get back on your feet. However, most employers will not be keen to concede to your leave request on the grounds mentioned above. For these employers, you need to provide excuses that are guaranteed to work because they sound credible. Unless the excuses sound believable, you may be suspected of foul play and you may end up in a lot of trouble at work. While there are some excuses which are sure to work, you should ideally not use them too often to stay at home; this may also arouse the suspicion of your employers. \

A good excuse to skip work:

  • Having to perform jury duty is one of the most common and effective excuses to skip work. Since this is a civil obligation, your employer will never doubt this ground for taking off from work. You can always state that this is unavoidable and take off from work for a few days. You will also not have to provide a lot of information regarding this because everyone is aware that divulging information pertaining to a legal matter is not desirable and the employer will not demand such information.
  • Household duties are another good excuse to stay away from the office. You can call up your employer to say that a family member has suddenly taken ill and needs to be rushed to the hospital. You can also state that you have to stay at home to look after an ailing family member since there is no one else at home to tend to him.
  • Meeting with an accident can easily get you off work for a few days at least. You can say that your car met with an accident on the way to work and has been badly damaged. Till it is repaired, it is not possible for you to attend office. Alternately, you can say that you have been hurt although the injuries are not fatal. But the doctor has advised you to stay at home. Passing on this information through a co-worker may make it appear more credible.
  • Finally, health issues are known to work the best when it comes to taking a break from work. You can say that you have the flu or any infectious disease like a pink eye which can be threatening for others if you attend work.

These are definitely some of the most frequently used excuses to miss work. They sound believable and the employer is not likely to suspect you of lying. However, you must remember not to use these excuses too often because then the authorities may start to suspect foul play. They should be used sparingly only when there is a medical emergency or some other family obligation that you must undertake.