Return To Work Form

FM0073The return to work form is an official document which must be handed over to the authorities by the employees when they return from a leave. These are typically provided by the hospitals or by general practitioners. This “fit note” basically states whether the employee is found to be fit enough to start work or not. In case the employee is not deemed fit to work, the employers have to discuss changes that may be needed to allow him to resume his official duties. While the employee retains the original document, the employer keeps a copy of this official document from the doctor. Like doctor’s note templates, it is possible to download templates for return to work forms too.

Why is the return to work form important?

This form is filled out by the doctor or the hospital with an aim to inform the employer about the date you are expected to resume work after a leave. It is held as an important official document because it contains work-related specifications pertaining to an employee on leave. For instance, a doctor may use this return to work form to state what restrictions the employee needs to follow to recover properly. It also states the time for which these restrictions at the workplace must be followed in the interest of his health.

Where to find “return to work” forms?

There are plenty of websites where you can expect to find return to work forms. Using these you can get many advantages at your workplace. The employers are usually willing to accommodate changes to ensure that your recovery progresses smoothly. Employers may cut down on your work hours or reduce your workload for a few days to allow you to rest more. Since these templates are also readily available in sites which sell fake doctor note templates, you can conveniently download and save a copy of this in your computer and use it whenever you need to.

What the return to work form contains:

The return to work form will bear your name and ID card number, the date of illness or injury and date on which diagnosis was made, the entire diagnosis and the date on which you are expected to rejoin work. In this form, the medical professional is expected to choose options to declare whether you are fit enough to resume work or not. He may also state the date on which you should be examined again for further evaluation of your medical condition. It will also state whether you have been referred to some other doctor or healthcare provider for advanced medical attention. So, the form has to contain the contact details of the medical professional examining you, his signature, address details and zip code.

It is recommended that you choose a reputed website for downloading this return to work form template. Sites that offer them for free are best avoided because these are likely to have multiple errors and technical loopholes. In case you are caught providing a fake document, you may be severely reprimanded by the authorities and even suspended from work. Sites which enjoy higher client ratings can be trusted to produce genuine looking templates which contain real-looking watermarks, logos and signatures.

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