School Excuse Letter

School3Are you stressed out of exhaustive classes at school? Are you thinking of bunking school for a day? It is natural to get fatigued when you have to attend to continuous extensive classes. Taking a day off from this hectic phase of school life will certainly give you good rest and help you rejuvenate for the consecutive sessions. You can consider taking a day off and give an explanation for your absence through an excuse letter. The reason that you mention in the excuse letter may be due to sickness, a special event or any other emergency situation. It is always better to record your absence with valid supporting reason so that your attendance does not get affected.

How to write a school excuse letter?

Your school excuse letter can be submitted while returning to school after absence or in advance depending on the reason you provide. The following details are necessary when you write an excuse letter:

  • Your name, class and date has to be mentioned
  • Begin your letter addressing your teacher or school authority formally as “Dear Ms. Jane”
  • The body of the letter has to be short and crisp, explaining the reason for your absence, the period of absence and mentioning any proof document that you are intending to attach.
  • Closure of letter should sound polite and requesting such as “Yours sincerely”.

Make it a point that the letter is free from spelling or syntax errors so that it conveys the reason clearly. It is best practice to proofread the letter before submitting it to the school. School excuse letters serve as proof for your absence and play a major role in deciding your attendance. A poorly written excuse letter may not create a good impression on you and bring about suspicions about the reason given.

Samples of school excuse letter

The following are only samples of school excuse letter which you can follow and you may change the details like name, date, etc as per your requirement.

Sample 1

Dear Mr./Mrs./Teacher/Principal,

My daughter Lisa had been suffering from a viral flu for past three days. Please find enclosed the doctor’s note for information and record. Now, she has recovered and returning to school. Please let her to attend school from today and kindly help her to quickly follow up with her missed classes.

Thank you for your consideration.


Mrs. Jady

Sample 2

Dear Mr./Mrs./Teacher/Principal,

Please excuse my daughter Lisa for not attending the classes from July 14th to July 16. Sorry, I could not inform about the religious event arranged at my residence earlier. Lisa has to take part in the event fully and so she was unable to attend the school on the above dates. As part of the event, we also had to travel to other relatives’ house.

Thank you for your consideration.


Mrs. Jady

Today, schools are very stringent with their rules and regulations and so often absenting from attending classes will not qualify a student to attend school further. Therefore, students are recommended to take off only for genuine reasons providing the excuse letter.

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