Absent Note for School

School1Absenting yourself from school is not easy at present, as schools are very strict about the rules and regulations related to attendance. In some schools, unless students show a good percentage of attendance they are not allowed to appear for examinations. There are situations that you may have to take a day off due to reasons like illness, for attending a special event organized at home, for attending a funeral, etc.  Students can take leave based on the above grounds by writing an absent note to school. If you are taking a day off on medical grounds, a doctor’s note has to be attached to the absent note to support your reason. In case of attending a funeral, a funeral pamphlet can serve the purpose.

Reasons for absent note

If you do not want to get punished for not attending school, you will have to send an absent note to school authorities or teacher explaining the reason for your absence. An absent note can come to your savior for situations like:

  • When you stressed out and want to relax at home for a day
  • When you have to travel to meet somebody close to your family
  • When you want extra time to prepare for the approaching exams
  • When you have to attend a family wedding
  • When your family has a plan to go for a picnic
  • When you have a party arranged at your home
  • When you some personal issue which you do not want to discuss with others
  • When your mother or father is sick and your presence is required

How to write an absent note for school?

An absent note should have the date mentioned, name of the teacherSchool2 or school authority, name of the student and class, reason for absence, period of absence and doctor’s note if any for proof of medical reason. The absent note to school should have a polite tone and convey the reason in short. Make it a point that the absent note is free of spelling and grammatical errors and proof read the note before submitting to authority. The absent note for school is an important document when it comes to evaluating your attendance. Therefore, ensure that it is complete in all aspects and clearly intimates the reason for your absence. Here is a sample of absent note to school which you can follow to write one to your school.

Sample 1

Dear Mr./Mrs./Teacher/Principal,

My son Jason is suffering from a severe contagious viral infection and also has high temperature. Please find attached the doctor’s note explaining the condition and the treatment for your record. The doctor has advised minimum of 5 days rest to recover from the fever and 2 more days for the infection to subside completely. He will not be able to attend school for a week. Kindly accept this absent note and help him to catch up with the missed classes when he returns to school.

Thank you for your consideration.


Mrs. Rose