There may be times when you do not feel like getting out of bed to go to work. You may be genuinely tired after working long hours for the past few days. You could also be feeling slightly unwell and not fit enough to go to the office. Whatever the reason, you know that a day’s rest will work wonders for your overall health. But you are also aware that your employer will never grant you leave at a time when project deadlines are near. So, you have really no choice but to think of believable excuses to skip work.

Top excuse ideas to call in sick:

  • One of the most believable excuses which you can use to take a break from work is a contagious illness. This works the best because your employer will definitely not want you to come to the office and infect the others around you. In any case a sick worker cannot be productive and will only spread germs around him.
  • Another commonly used excuse which can easily get you a day off from work is migraines and headaches. When you state that you are unable to attend office because of a nasty bout of migraine, your boss will not expect you to come. This excuse is perfect for a day away from work because this medical condition is likely to get resolved within a day.
  • You could also say that you have severe back pain and are unable to sit down for long hours. You may download a doctor’s medical note template from the Internet and submit this as an excuse to enjoy a week’s break from work.
  • The excuse of a sprained ankle can ensure a leave for a couple of days easily. When you say that you have accidentally sprained your ankle, your employer will never expect you to drive down to the office. You can always say that you slipped in the shower or fell while coming down the stairs and sprained it badly.
  • Personal and family issues are always the best bet to get away from work. You could say that your child is sick and there is no other person at home to care for him. You could also use your husband’s ill-health as an excuse to get away from work for a few days.
  • Sometimes the excuse of bad weather can help you enjoy a day’s leave at home especially when the weather is indeed annoying. Employers are usually concerned about the safety and health of their workers and they will not doubt you when you call in to say that the weather is too severe to venture outside.
  • Loss of loved ones is a frequently used excuse for staying away from work. However, it is better not to use this excuse unless it is true.
  • Citing home emergencies is another convenient way to escape from work. You can very well say that the water pipe in the kitchen is leaking and you must wait for help to arrive. Household emergencies are nothing new and no one will doubt you if you use this excuse to skip work.
  • Some employees even say that they have been infected with a contagious disease like chicken pox to stay away from the office. However, you need to remember not to use this medical reason more than once.
  • Dizziness is another good reason to miss work. You can call in to say that you are feeling nauseous and cannot drive. You may blame the dizziness on low pressure or diarrhea and this is the best way to enjoy resting at home for a day or two.
  • A great reason to skip office is to say that you are playing golf with an official client. Your boss is never going to ask you to miss that chance to attend work.
  • You can say that you have jury duty and you need to miss work to be at the court. Your employer will not stop you from rendering your civilian duties.
  • Finally, a doctor’s appointment will always come to your rescue when you need to stay at home. You can convince your boss that getting an appointment with that doctor is a huge challenge and there is no way in the world you can postpone it.

These are some of the most often used excuses which can get you a day’s leave easily. Although these should not be used too frequently, it may become necessary to take help of these excuses to be able to give yourself a breather from work.